Recommended Security Settings for Browsing This Site

This site uses HTML frames for maximum efficiency even with low speed connections. Unfortunately, my Web space provider (GMX) redirects the URL ( to a GMX subdomain (, so the contents and home page will appear under a different domains. Some browsers may consider this as security risk, depending on the individual security settings of your browser, and refuse loading the URLs from the links in the table-of-contents frame.

Below I have compiled the minimum settings required to browse this site without restrictions.

Some navigation features depend on JavaScript. JavaScript is generally considered as "not harmful", so I decided to use it for the benefit of added site functionality.

This site does not use ActiveX nor Java Applets. This makes it easy to keep your security settings as high as possible while browsing this site.

Internet Explorer

Individual Settings

Allow the following individual settings for your browser:

Alternative 1

Set the security settings for the Internet zone to "medium". Personally, although quick and simple, I do not recommend it, because medium security settings for the internet zone might be a security risk for your computer.

Alternative 3

Add both sites "" and "" to the "Trusted Zone" in the internet settings of your browser. A default security level of "medium" should be suffictient to browse this site. At least, the recommended individual settings should be made for the Trusted Zone.

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